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Goodbye 2018

It took me way longer than I expected to finally prepare the summary of my 2018. I have to say that January went by in a blink of an eye and we're on the first weekend of February already. But I think that it's never too late for some good memories. Last year I prepared my first summary of the year and it made me realize that we tend to forget so many small moments. 12 months is a really long period of time and when I look back at that it just seems like a big blur of memories with just a couple of events that stand out. That's why I like to look back at everything that happened and remind myself of those little moments that made my everyday life a good one.


1. I love those white houses / 2. <3 / 3. Spanish winter / 4. Back in gloomy Edinburgh / 5. And back to eating that sweet and sour chicken / 6. A little teaser of what's to come


1. Warm tea every day/ 2. Exploring Edinburgh again / 3. Delicious fried bananas with Guacamole in El Cartel / 4. First proper snow in Edinburgh / 5. Sea of light / 6. Snowball fights


1. Insta meetup with Ben Hunter / 2. First ramen of the year / 3. One of my favourite buildings in the city - Balmoral Hotel / 4. A date night that started my unhealthy The Greatest Showman obsession / 5. It's beginning to look like... spring! / 6. Girls day out in Civerino's


1. Stunning views from Arthur's Seat / 2. April started my obsession with greek yoghurt and granola for breakfast / 3. First spring walk / 4. Last day as EE Customer Advisor / 5. Catching glimpses of spring / 6. New job


1. Eurovision watching party and my beloved Domino's takeaway / 2. Holidays in Poland / 3. My favourite boy / 4. Botanic garden walks / 5. Delicious gyoza from Stockbridge market / 6. Rainy day in Camera Obscura


1. My boyfriend is a homemade pizza master / 2. Sunny walks around Dean Village with my friend and her boyfriend / 3. Finally had a chance to visit The Canny Man's after months of peaking through the window / 4. Ed Sheeran's concert - one of the highlights of the year / 5. Delicious breakfast in Newcastle / 6. Boiling hot day in Glasgow


1. I'm a sucker for a pretty rainbow / 2. Gym attempt number 65237464 / 3. Day trip to Perth / 4. RIP long hair / 5. The canal is one of my favourite places for a walk / 6. We managed to escape from prison - first escape room experience in Edinburgh was a success


1. The grand opening of Headcase Barbers / 2. Foodies Festival in Inverleith Park with my favourite Dora / 3. Ladies night in the cinema watching Mamma Mia 2 / 4. Queueing for The Greatest Showman sing-along / 5. Enjoying the festival madness / 6. The beautiful wedding of my lovely friend


1. Promoting Headcase Barbers at freshers week / 2. First time seeing the famous Circus Lane / 3. Burgers in Foundry 39 / 4. A quick shopping trip to Glasgow / 5. Delicious doughnuts / 6. A long-awaited visit to Baba Budan


1. Enjoying that autumnal sunshine on walks / 2. Find your rich experiment / 3. Delicious ramen in Maki & Ramen / 4. Stunning sunrise on my way to work / 5. My boyfriend's work party - Grease inspired! / 6. My neighbours never disappoint when it comes to seasonal decor 


1. Blackford Hill is the best place for autumnal walks / 2. I got to be an Edinburgh guide for my friends / 3. Some tacky Christmas jumper shopping / 4. Christmas hits silent disco under the lights / 5. A feast in Meze Meze / 6. Beautiful Christmas at the Botanics 


1. Company Christmas dinner that I organised / 2. We managed to escape from a Harry Potter inspired escape room! / 3. I looooove the Christmas market / 4. Snowy walks with my parents' doggo / 5. Christmas in Poland / 6. New Year's celebrations

What are your favourite moments of the past year? 

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