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May 2019 in review

I cannot believe that we're almost halfway through the year. Time really does fly. So it's time to look back at everything that happened last month. Are you ready for my May round-up?

1. Photo shoot with Steven

I honestly think that I'm a not a very photogenic person. I feel weird in front of the camera and I always manage to pull a strange face. But I have to admit that shooting with a friend is a completely different experience than having people snap random shots of you here and there. First of all, there are no expectations, just fun. Steven and I went for a walk around Stockbridge and just casually took some photos. Around 90% of them is me laughing hysterically because I can't keep a straight face but he still managed to get some nice shots of me, even though I didn't make it easy for him. It was a great experience and I'm sure there are more shoots to come in the future. 
2. North Queensferry day trip 

On one sunny Sunday, my boyfriend and I decided to take a train to North Queensferry. It takes around 15 minutes to get there by train so it's a nice option for a quick and affordable day trip from Edinburgh. We've had a quick stroll around the village and then we headed to the Fife Coastal Path. We didn't go far so I would definitely like to go back in the summer. It guarantees beautiful views of the Forth Rail Bridge, the coast and lots of nature. As a self-diagnosed flower addict, I was very happy about that. We had a quick sandwich break at the tiny beach and we walked back to the village. The reason why I wanted to visit North Queensferry so badly was to cross the Forth Road Bridge. It is such a nice walk and there were a lot of people crossing it on that sunny day. If you would like to do that reserve some time as the bridge turned out to be longer than I expected. It took us around 40 minutes to get to the other side. After that, we decided to have some fish and chips for lunch (my very first fish and chips in Scotland and probably the last - not a fan). We found a cute place that had a terrace that overlooked the bridges and even though we weren't amazed by the food it was still a lovely ending to our little day trip in the sun. 
3. Family time

In May we also had guests! My boyfriend's sister came to visit us and we had a week of fun! We walked around town, took her to the Botanics for a stroll, took the train to North Berwick and enjoyed some delicious food. And as we live very close to the FountainPark we decided to play Mini Golf and have fun in the Laser Arena. It was a first time for me doing both and I loved it! We ended up playing Mini Golf twice as we loved it that much. We also had some nice, chill evening in the flat - we watched some good and not-so-good movies on Netflix and ate tons of snacks. I miss having her over already and can't wait to spend some more quality time together when we go to visit her in Spain in August. 

4. Blogger conference

At the end of May, I had the pleasure to attend a blogger conference in Edinburgh. I got invited by the lovely ladies from The Creative Events Company that organised the whole event. And what a great job they did! It was my first time attending a conference so I wasn't sure what to expect but I had a great time. We had a chance to listen to some really inspiring speakers and to network (although I have to admit that I failed a bit at this part as I felt shy). I really loved to listen to Leah Hutcheon from Appointedd and Ian Lebruce, who is a managing director at Ignite Your Brand. Their talks were definitely the most memorable to me. I have to mention the food as well because well, I simply love me some good food. Girls took care of everything so we were spoilt with the choice - from pizza to doughnuts and so much more. I can't wait to see what they're up to next! If you're interested in any of their future event go and follow their instagram - @creativelyeventful.
5. the Mousetrap in the Playhouse

At the end of May, I spontaneously bought tickets to the theatre to see The Mousetrap. I'm a huge Agatha Christie fan and I couldn't miss an opportunity to see this classic murder mystery written by her. And of course, it did not disappoint. If you have a chance to see it then I would highly recommend it. It made me want to re-read some of my Christie's favourite books so I'm going to head to the Edinburgh Library soon to pick some of them. 
Turns out that May was much more eventful than I thought. I think it’s good to look back and see how much can actually happen in a month. Because even though I had some hard moments I much prefer to focus on the positives. May was a month of many firsts for me - first photo shoot, first conference, first time going to Mini Golf and Laser Arena and it was absolutely lovely! It truly reminded me that you don’t need to go away to exotic countries to discover new things. They’re around, you just have to find them! 

And what are your favourite things that you did in May?

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